Technological innovation

Additive manufacturing technology has progressed at an unprecedented rate with simultaneous growth in availability of materials and the associated surrounding ecosystem of suppliers.

3-D printing technologies now allow for the production of a wide range of components at competitive prices in high volumes.

The opportunity

The technology is now able to considered as a first choice for intensive use , being price-competitive with traditional fabrication methods, capable of producing complex, high-performance structures and can be adapted to rapidly change from one type of product to another radically different.


The offer

Advanced robots, drones, EVs, sensors, sustainable mobility; unceasing technological development in tandem with by 5G are contributing to a rapid diffusion of “the internet of things” (IOT) which in turn increases demand for high-performance, lightweight components.

Xenia’s 3-D printing solutions include a dedicated range of reinforced and functionalised thermoplastic compounds in the form of optimised granules.