A perfect fit for both you and Nature

A perfect fit for both you and Nature

When We think of Nature, we envision a challenge. A challenge we can face, together with you.


With respect for the World we live in, our mission is to create innovative thermoplastic composites and find new accountable solutions for the footwear industry.

Supporting the client through every single step of his project, Xenia Footwear Materials Lab combines the knowledge of our technicians together with the client’s specifications and guarantees great results achieved through our high-performance thermoplastic composites.

Xenia Footwear Materials Lab carefully listens to the footwear industry needs.
Shells, cuffs, midsoles, soles inserts, cleats and many other parts find
here the material they can rely upon.

XENIA Sports


Less is Lighter! The only weight you will feel is the performance!


Push your limits! Release all your power and save precious energy.

Flexural Modulus

Flex your mind and choose wisely! Every unique design requires unique features: thickness, toughness and polymeric matrix define the flexural modulus.

Impact Strenght

Whether you desire to scale a glacier or explore a volcano, challenge yourself without trouble! Even in the harshest conditions, no equipment failures are acceptable!

Thanks to a specifically designed software, Xenia Footwear Materials Lab works step by step alongside the client in the evaluation of the most suitable material.

Xenia Footwear Materials Lab offers a wide range of cutting-edge thermoplastic composites, engineered by the combination of high-performance fibres and polymeric matrixes such as Polyamide, Polyurethane, Polyolefin and Elastomers.


Committed to the preservation of the environment and inspired by the circular economy model, Xenia Materials enhanced its product range with a whole line of sustainable materials.

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a challenge together.

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