Xenia’s commitment

Sustainable solutions are at the heart of Xenia’s policy for innovation and the development of its product range. Encompassing the scope of its own research projects, the continuous development of its own know-how, of its organisational structure and innovative processes, Xenia, together with its partners, seeks to develop solutions which address the social challenges faced by its customers, today and tomorrow.

The circular economy

An economy based on circularity is becoming the new guiding principle for all companies.

Plastic materials are fundamental to this, given their great potential for sustainability.

How to achieve it

To successfully drive the circular economy we have to make the transition as straightforward as possible for our customers.

Xenia undertakes to develop more sustainable materials and solutions having the lowest possible ecological footprint. Spearheading this is our portfolio of alternative products, from recycled to bio-based, displaying the same level of performance as traditional products, so as to avoid the necessity of requalification or adaptation of alternative processing equipment.


Thermoplastic composites reinforced with 100%-recycled carbon fibres.



Lightweight, high-performance compounds based on renewable raw materials.