Xenia® Materials, global player in high-performance fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites production, proudly announces the debut of XEGREEN® 23-C20-3DP at JEC World 2024 (HALL 5, BOOTH C79), the premier event for the composite materials industry.

This innovative material marks a significant leap in additive manufacturing, bringing forth unmatched performance, sustainability, and versatility.

XEGREEN® 23-C20-3DP, a PET-G (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) with 20% carbon fibre reinforcement, represents a meticulous engineering effort to meet the demands of applications requiring superior strength, minimal warpage, and environmental responsibility.


Moreover, excelling in low-temperature environments, XEGREEN® 23-C20-3DP finds suitability across various applications, from prototyping to master moulds and finished parts. Beyond immediate advantages, this material guarantees long-term performance, ensuring durability and stability over time.


XEGREEN® 23-C20-3DP offers a distinctive set of features, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability throughout its lifecycle. Its advanced formulation minimizes warpage during the printing process, providing manufacturers with reliable and consistent results. Designed to withstand harsh chemicals, this material is an ideal choice for the carbon fibre lamination process, thanks to its resistance to resins and release agents.

This new grade reflects Xenia® Materials commitment to environmental sustainability. Manufactured from 100% fully recycled materials, it contributes significantly to a circular economy.


Xenia® Materials invites industry professionals to delve deeper into XEGREEN® 23-C20-3DP at JEC World 2024, taking place from 5th to 7th March.


Visit us at Hall 5, Booth C79, where our team will be available to provide detailed insights, answer questions, and explore how this innovation can elevate your additive manufacturing processes.