Xenia engineers and produces high-performing thermoplastic composites reinforced by fiber and additives.


Xenia collaborates with multinationals, universities and research facilities, aiming to share, develop its technical know-how and study new high performing polymers in order to meet even the most advanced technological requests.


The research for innovative technologies, the development of solutions and new materials able to resist the most challenging conditions are the bases on which Xenia is founded.

The deep technological research leads to the creation of engineering plastics for metal replacement, for substituting thermoset composite materials or simply to improve the features of an already existing manufacture.

Value chain

For Xenia it is essential to transfer the results of scientific research and apply them to daily industrial applications, in order to bring an effective difference to global markets.


People who daily work and share objectives and values is what Xenia strives for. Positive attitude and working together as a team enhance the will to improve and operate in order to obtain and research quality and reliability in our every goal.