Xenia® Materials introduces the new application of XECARB® thermoplastic composites.

Xenia®’s carbon fiber reinforced product is found in the new ELI AC/BT A: the range of underground motors developed by Bft Spa, an Italian company leader in the production of automation systems for accesses’ control.


ELI represents the range of in-ground non-reversible electromechanical operators for swing gates. In particular, the durability, the reliability and the silent operation of the AC A 40 and BT A 40 models have been enhanced thanks to the new and exclusive gear realized in XECARB® thermoplastic composite, that has replaced the previous element realized in POM.

With respect to the previous gear, the new one, developed in XECARB® 17 thermoplastic composite, has shown an over two-times higher durability.

With an impact strength value of 120 MPa and an elongation at break of 5,2%, these materials result extremely performing in heavier automation systems, thus guaranteeing a longer lifespan of the product.

Originally engineered for application in the sport system and the aerospace markets, XECARB®17 thermoplastic composites, developed on PEBA, find several applications also in industrial sectors, due to their intrinsic mechanical properties maintained at low temperatures as well.

Xenia® Materials is an Italian company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer-based materials used for the most advanced and challenging industries.

The company, located in Vicenza, incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech components with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.

Bft Spa was founded in 1981 in Thiene with one mission: develop cutting-edge technologies in the automation world, in order to simplify the technicians’ job and the final customers’ use.

The innovation, the research of new perspectives to manage the automation systems and the dynamism is part of our DNA and it allowed our company to grow over the years from a family- run business to a small multinational one.

Bft Spa is currently operating all over the world, with 20 branches and over 530 distributors in more than 120 countries.