XECARB® thermoplastic composites: the carbon fibre which provides lightness and stiffness to the two-time MTB Marathon World Champion sole

After winning in Grächen (CH) 2019, Leo Páez has conquered, with another outstanding performance, his second World Championship title in Sakarya, Turkey.

At his feet he was wearing Nox, the shoe specifically designed by Vittoria Cycling Shoes, an Italian company leader in the production of mountain bike cycling shoes.


Nox’s sole is entirely realised in XECARB® 1-C30, a thermoplastic composite engineered and produced by Xenia® Materials.

The collaboration between Xenia® Materials and Vittoria Cycling Shoes started a few years ago, when Edoardo Vercelli sensed the possibility to substitute the prepreg epoxy matrix carbon – used in the high-quality cycling shoes’ soles – with XECARB® carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites.

This turned out to be a winning choice, not only because the weight of the shoe significantly decreased, but also because it has been reached the perfect balance between the necessary stiffness to transmit force/power on the pedals and the right flexibility that allows the best comfort on walking routes. This great combination is the key of Nox’s success.

The soles, produced in XECARB® thermoplastic composites, are guaranteed overtime and they have been precisely designed to facilitate the process of mud clearance and cleat connection, possible thanks to the wider shape of the cleat connection area.

Xenia® Materials is an Italian company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer-based materials used for the most advanced and challenging industries.

The company, located in Vicenza, incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech components with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.

Established in 1976 by the professional cyclist Celestino Vercelli, Vittoria Cycling Shoes is an Italian company specialised in the realisation of cycling shoes, 100% made in Italy.

After 40 years of innovation, the origins of the company are as clear as they were in its early days. The technological evolution allowed the company to adapt to change and to exploit new opportunities, maintaining untouched its peculiar curiosity. Vittoria Cycling Shoes is projected towards the future. High-quality products, innovative technologies and continuous studies are at the core of this company.

XELIGHT™, the new ultra-light composites family developed by Xenia® Materials, based PEBAX® Thermoplastic Elastomer

Xenia® Materials introduces the new ultra-light composites family entirely developed on Pebax® thermoplastic elastomer, reference polymer in several flagship sports applications.


Due to their exceptional density value, which is below 0,90 g/cm3XELIGHT™ grades stand out for their incredible lightness. At the same time, they feature a great impact strength, especially at low temperaturesgreat flexibility and high energy return, still maintaining the peculiarities of the base polymer.

The XELIGHT™ grades combine a good hydrolytic resistance and dimensional stability to a great processability and thermal resistance, furthermore, they are all colourable and available in biocompatible grades.

These new lightweight thermoplastic composites are the perfect solutions for many applications in the footwear world, especially where exceptional lightnesslow density and great flexibility are required, always maintaining their excellent impact strength value.

xecarb SL

Xenia® Materials and Jiejiayou (Shenzhen) Material Technology Co., Ltd together for the distribution in China of the products of the Italian company

Xenia® Materials, Italian company specialized in the development and engineering of high-performance thermoplastic composites reinforced fibres and additives, announces a new partnership agreement with Jiejiayou (Shenzhen) Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Thanks to this dedicated partnership, Jiejiayou (Shenzhen) Material Technology Co., Ltd will distribute Xenia® Materials thermoplastic composites families, XECARB®, XEBRID™ and XEGLASS™, within the whole Chinese territory.

The next Chinaplas exhibition, world’s leading trade fair dedicated to plastics and rubbers, that will take place in Shenzhen from the 13th until the 16th April, will serve as the opportunity for Xenia® Materials and Jiejiayou (Shenzhen) Material Technology Co., Ltd to present the main and latest news regarding thermoplastics and applications from the industrial sector to the sport system one.

XECARB® SL composites. The new super light structural family is born

XECARB® SL composites are the newest Xenia Materials family of Carbon filled, super light structural compounds developed in partnership with Arkema.

With a flexural modulus reaching 11000 MPa and a density equal to 1,00 g/cm3, the pioneer grade of this family was designed using Rilsan® PA 11. This polymer is obtained from renewable sources and is characterized by an outstanding toughness at low temperatures and great resistance to stress cracking.

These new compounds stand out for their high ratio between tensile strength at break and density, presenting an easy processability together with an excellent dimensional stability and great resistance to weather, UV rays and ageing. XECARB® 20-C15-SL grade reaches tensile elongation at break over 4% thanks to the intrinsic flexibility of the base polymer.

The XECARB® SL composites family embodies the perfect solution for special applications in drones, UAV’s and cobot industries, as well as for the most outstanding applications in the sport system sector.

Xenia is an Italian compounding company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer based materials for the most advanced and challenging industries.

The company, located in Vicenza, Italy incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech solutions with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.

PEBA and glass fibre. The flexible, structural and colourable polyamide

After years of experience with PEBA based products reinforced Carbon Fibre, Xenia Materials finally introduces in the market a new family of compounds PEBA reinforced Glass Fibre: XEGLASS 17.


PEBA is a flexible polyamide, plasticiser free, which distinguishes itself by outstanding dynamic features able to damp vibrations and noise, even at high frequencies. This low friction polymeric base is characterised by high creep resistance, low density, excellent flexibility, high energy return and impact strength over a wide temperature range.

The glass fibre reinforcement allows the achievement of mechanical features, much greater than the ones of the pure polymer. The glass fibre emphasises the high chemical resistance and the great impact strength at low temperatures. Furthermore, XEGLASS 17 composites have low hygroscopic absorption and dimensional stability, they are colourable and they are available also in bio-compatible grades.

By combining the outstanding aesthetic quality and the easy processability, XEGLASS 17 grades meet the requirements of sport, consumer and industrial goods sectors.