Xenia Materials is an Italian company which engineers and produces speciality thermoplastic compounds.

We are announcing an exciting new member of the XECARB® product family in the shape of XECARB® HM, a range of technical polymers reinforced with high-modulus carbon fibres.

DISCOVER XECARB® HM - Thermoplastic composites

At launch, the new XECARB® HM range is based on PA6-ST, PA66, PA12, PA11, PEBA and PPA compounds, featuring high tensile elongation and tensile strength at break, together with improved impact strength, especially at low temperatures.

Characterised by a high modulus-to-density ratio, the XECARB® HM grades combine the easy processability of short-fibre with the mechanical advantages typical of long carbon- fibre-reinforced compounds.

The XECARB® HM grades are specially tailored to meet the increasingly challenging requirements of the sporting and the industrial goods sectors, which put a premium on light weight with high stiffness, strength and tenacity.