Based on Polyamide 4.6, XECARB® 37 and XEBRID 37, are our two brand-new families of carbon fiber and hybrid carbon/glass fiber reinforced compounds.

PA4.6 is a high-performance polyamide known for its unmatched performance and value for demanding applications in which superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required.
Thanks to the application of structural reinforcements the new grades XECARB 37 ® and XEBRID 37 exhibit high tensile modulus, tensile strength at break up to 275 MPa, improved HDT, good fatigue resistance, higher dimensional stability and better surface hardness.

Furthermore, the use of carbon fibers within the XECARB® 37-family provides improved electrical properties and better resistance to UV and chemical agents like oils and hydrocarbon.

With the development of the new grades XEBRID 37, hybrid carbon/glass reinforced compounds, the impact properties and the toughness have improved, always maintaining a high crystallinity level and a great flow behaviour, typical for the polymer’s aliphatic molecular structure.


XECARB® 37 and XEBRID 37 are designed specifically for the industrial sector and they find use in a wide range of structural and conductive applications characterised by high operating temperature resistance, together with good chemical resistance and low friction.


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