Open Innovation

With innovation at its core, Xenia is an international player in the development of advanced thermoplastic composites, products, knowledge and technical expertise within a wide range of applications in the most challenging domains. The team works closely with our customers to develop specific solutions that meet the most demanding applications, and we continue this collaborative approach through the entire development process.

Our team of experts with multidisciplinary skills in chemistry, mechanics and design is integrated into the operations of our key customers and this allows them to experience Xenia’s innovative materials and process knowledge.

R&D Strategy for GrowthCentered on Technology

Research and cooperation is at the heart of everything we do.

We are involved in various collaborative research and technology projects, working alongside customers, suppliers, universities, research centers and more.

At the early stage for commercial applications, we are aiming to combine our knowledge and technologies with those of customers, in our key fields, building an effective and active network of collaboration for information and personnel exchange, to accelerate development and achieve more efficient results.

Core Competencies

By the Innovation Center, Xenia promotes an enterprise-wide culture of innovation and recognizes a wide range of new ideas and people that envision affordability, performance and risk reduction through integration of design, performance materials and process manufacturing.

Application Knowledge:
Technical experts with multidisciplinary skills to optimize and service customer challenging needs.

Formulation Expertise:

Formulation science and knowledge pave the path to deliver breakthrough


Our matured and consolidated technological know—how gives way to positive synergies, which are essential in the co-design phase. The planning of a specific project is based on the interchanging and contribution of knowledge on the whole.

Modeling & Simulation:

The analysis and achievement of a product in technopolymer is the source of the project itself, its backbone. This phase is extremely important and is based on highly advanced methods of simulation.


Analytically defining the general property of materials by following international standards is fundamental in choosing the ideal product for each specific use.


The use of latest high performance thermoplastic materials must be backed up by continuous studying and testing in order to obtain utmost results.


Xenia’s capacity of achieving functional prototypes using defined materials in the co—designing phase represents a perfect synthesis of engineering and know—how. Then, the prototypes can be tested and verified in real working conditions therefore permitting the final user to evaluate the reliability of the product.


Through the activities of the Innovation Center, we are aiming to expand our existing technologies and strengthen our competitiveness but also implement customer-involved product development that combines cutting-edge materials with advanced processing technologies to develop unique materials and

To realize a steady growth, we recognize that it is essential to have technological innovations but, at the same time, also to develop technologically skilled human resources to propel these innovations forward.